Deceased DNA Matching

Whether a death occurs from natural or unnatural causes, Test Smartly Labs is here to help if DNA Matching becomes necessary.

From the scene of a crime to the aftermath of a natural disaster, DNA testing is needed to identify the deceased, and our trained staff of specialists are always ready to provide the accurate results necessary in such a delicate situation.

We understand the sensitivity of these kinds of cases, and that’s why we’re committed to:

Confidentiality – We protect sensitive information about the case and everyone involved.

Professionalism – We maintain high standards in the way we conduct ourselves and perform services. You can count on our consistent reliability and accuracy.

Chain-of-Custody – There’s nearly always a legal base surrounding the need for DNA matching for the deceased. That is why we follow strict chain-of-custody procedures to ensure sample selection, reporting, and analysis is legal.

Deceased DNA Matching you can count on in court is just a phone call away. Call Test Smartly Labs and schedule your appointment today.