DNA Matching

DNA Matching is a process that can help anyone looking to learn more about their ancestors. Whether you need to ascertain your ancestry, ethnicity or members of your family tree, Test Smartly Labs is here to offer reliable results you can count on. It all starts with a painless cheek swab.

In DNA Matching, the following testing methods are commonly used.

  • A Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) test: Tests the male line (Y chromosome) only. This may be best used if you’ve questions about family lines through stories or documents. It can also prove effective in connecting you with particular tribes or groups.
  • A mitochondrial DNA test: Tests feminine line only. This test can be utilized to back up your genealogy research based on your mother’s line.
  • An autosomal DNA test: This evaluation is for anybody and provides a more comprehensive overview of your DNA. It assesses around a million genetic markers and may look at matches as far back as 10 generations. This test is useful in inheritance DNA testing.

For more information about DNA matching, visit the University College London’s information.

What will DNA Matching reveal?

DNA Matching can provide a more detailed look at your:

Ancestry – Learn more about your bloodline! An ancestry test will tell you a good deal about your family tree. Learn where your family members came from!

Ethnicity – Works like ancestry but is more focused on nationality, tribes, religious backgrounds, and cultural origins.

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