DNA Profiles for Children

Parents request DNA Profiles for Children for a number of reasons. They are typically preparing for a worst-case scenario like:

  • A kidnapping
  • A child has run away
  • A child is involved in a crime and needs to be identified

Before the emergence of modern technologies, well-prepared parents could keep a record of the child’s height, weight, recent photo, and fingerprint. But a simple cheek swab to collect a child’s DNA has improved the basic children’s profile and added depth and safety to the “just in case” and “what if” situations.

As one article on NBCNews, “CSI Parents Swabbing Children for DNA” stated of DNA profiles for children,

“It’s sort of like an insurance policy you hope you never use.”

If you are a concerned parent looking for a child identification kit that includes DNA, then we can help. Let us help you take the proactive steps that could prove lifesaving.

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