Benefits of Legal DNA Testing

Legal and non-legal DNA tests are much the same. What differs is the procedure you go through to obtain results. A legal test involves oversight (chain-of-custody) throughout the whole procedure, and there are numerous advantages to receiving results in this manner.

A DNA test is among the most significant you will take in your life – crucial decisions hinge on its results. Oftentimes, a legal test will be needed in instances where:

  • You are needing to demonstrate or confirm somebody is a biological father or mother for custody agreements, child support agreements, or adoption situations.
  • You have to prove rights to an inheritance.
  • You require legal evidence for your taxes, will, or trust.
  • You are going through the immigration process based on a biological relationship with a citizen.
  • You’re involved in a criminal case

There are thousands of stories out there, all of the unique, as to why somebody needed a legal DNA test performed. A chain-of-custody test will record and double-check the origins of samples and confirm the test was untampered. The results of a chain-of-custody test are signed by a Ph.D. and notarized.

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