Maternity Testing

A maternity test works much like a paternity test. You are able to perform a Maternity Test to find out if a woman is a child’s biological mother.

When is this needed?

Most Maternity Tests are used in cases of immigration. It’s also not uncommon to need this evaluation in adoption cases – sometimes an adopted child whos adoption was closed will rely on a Maternity Test to verify whether a woman is his or her birth mom.

In rare occasions, a maternity test may be used to confirm you went home with the right child from the hospital as maternity mixups do happen.

What’s needed for a Maternity Test?

A maternity test requires a sample of DNA (most often through a cheek swab) from the child and potential mother. If that isn’t possible, testing grandparents might be another viable option.

To request this evaluation, call our office and schedule an appointment. We’ll work with you to collect the samples – you don’t need to schedule test subjects on precisely the same time or day. Our team will make sure everything is obtained the right way.

It’s important to know:

If you will have to use the results for any legal purposes, we’ll need you to visit our office for specimen collection. We use AABB-accredited labs, meaning they meet the highest standards for lab testing, and you can be sure the outcome will be 99.9% accurate.

Results will soon be available in 2-3 days.

For Maternity Testing done right, call to schedule an appointment today.