Twin Testing

Want to determine if your twins are fraternal or identical? Twin DNA Testing is the answer!

Twin Testing involves the analysis of the DNA of each twin to look for commonalities and differences within their genes:

Identical twins: One fertilized egg split into two and implants into the uterus. (These two children are always the same gender). Identical twins share almost the exact same DNA.

Fraternal twins: This implies two distinct eggs were fertilized at precisely the same time and then implanted into uterus. These two siblings may or may not look alike, and they can be different genders. Both are genetically similar as is the case with any other full siblings. The only difference is a shared birthday. Fraternal twins do not have the exact same DNA.

When should you perform Twin DNA Testing?

Our Twin Tests are most often performed after the babies are born – sometimes it could be months and, on occasion, years later. Oftentimes, physicians can let you know if the two are identical or fraternal based on the placenta – but sometimes this information isn’t available.

Many parents want to know for sure if the twins are identical or fraternal – and a DNA test is the only way to know for sure. A cheek swab is all we need to collect a sample for accurate testing.

Why is this important to know?

Most parents and twins themselves want to know their twin type, and knowing can also be advantageous in certain medical situations. Because identical twins share nearly identical DNA, they’re a uniquely-perfect match for blood transfusions or organ donations for one another. (In case you were wondering – they don’t have the same fingerprint).

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