Hair Follicle Testing

Many drug testing methods only check for use over the past days or weeks. If you need to look further back into a test subject’s usage history, air follicle drug testing is an effective measure. Results carry a high degree of accuracy, and it can be an effective method for safety-critical positions.

How Hair Follicle Testing Works

Traces of drugs and alcohol enter the bloodstream when used, and some of these metabolites make their way to the hair shaft. Collecting a small, pencil-sized portion of hair is all it takes to determine if drugs have been used.

Hair Test Facts

  • Can accurately reveal drug use within a 14-90 day detection window
  • Ideal for chronic drug use
  • Results available within 3-5 business days
  • Hair taken from crown of head, placed in chemical solution to remove contaminants, liquefied, and tested
  • Accuracy percentage high since there are no proven ways to tamper with a hair drug test

90-Day Detection Window

Just like fingernails, hair is made up of the protein keratin. When metabolites of drugs become integrated into the hair’s fibers, they remain locked in as the hair grows. Typically, this method can effectively detect the presence of substances up to 90 days following use. This can make it a great option for monitoring individuals in treatment programs.

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