Methamphetamine Drug Testing

Methamphetamine drug testing can serve many purposes. From parole or probation officers monitoring compliance to employers trying to maintain a zero-tolerance drug policy, concerned parents, and more, Test Smartly Labs is here to make sure testing’s done right.

The Trouble with Screenings

Why can’t I just use a drugstore screening?

They don’t produce positive results. A non-negative result means further testing is required to make that final determination. For results that’ll provide reliable answers the first time, count on the staff at Test Smartly Labs.

Meth Drug Testing Methods

We work to understand your needs to match you with the right drug testing method. Our staff is here to perform:

  • Blood tests
    • Good to detect recent use (expensive)
  • Hair tests
    • Can reveal use over the past 90 days
  • Saliva tests
    • Non-invasive and ideal for very recent use from one to 24 hours
  • Urine tests
    • Can reveal use over the past several days (Most Common)

Serious mental and physical problems stem from meth use, and this directly impacts those around the user. Call or stop by your nearest Test Smartly Labs for the answers you need.