Opiate/Opioid Testing

In 2015, over 52,000 Americans died of drug overdoses. An unbelievable 66% of those cases were due to opioids, both prescription painkillers and heroin. It’s clear this is a dangerous and growing issue. Whether you are an employer, juvenile officer, or nervous parent, your team at Test Smartly Labs is here to offer professional guidance and testing services.

Opioids: More Widespread Than You May Realize

It’s vital you understand what you are searching for when considering opioid testing.  Should you suspect somebody is abusing opioids, a few medications that should be on your radar include:

  • Hydrocodone
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Oxycodone
  • Oxymorphone
  • Hydromorphone
  • Fentanyl

Signs of Opioid Abuse

Drug abuse can be easy to hide when concerned parties don’t know what to look for. Test Smartly Labs is here to help you identify symptoms and behaviors indicative of opiate abuse:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Shallow breathing
  • Slurred speech
  • Disinterest in activities the suspected user used to enjoy

Keeping You DOT-Compliant

Certain companies are required by the DOT to conduct random drug testing. Test Smartly Labs can help the following industries remain compliant:

  • Aviation
  • Motor carriers
  • Railroad
  • Transit
  • Pipelines
  • Maritime

As a result of the growth of opioid misuse, the DOT has upped the ante in regards to drug testing conditions. Starting January 1, 2018, the following Semi Synthetic opioids will be mandated for addition in companies’ testing programs:

  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycodone
  • Hydromorphone
  • Oxymorphone

When you rely on Test Smartly Labs, we keep you current with the most recent changes. Time is of essence when it comes to opioid abuse.  Call now to learn more about how we can help.