Blood Alcohol Testing

For reliable alcohol testing that will hold up in court, blood testing can often provide what you need. Blood samples can be retested in the future, so they add that assurance of durability through the course of a lengthy trial.

Chain-of-Custody Assurance

We hear it all the time- a defendant claims the blood testing performed at the scene of an accident didn’t follow protocol. When you work with a professional company specializing in blood alcohol testing results you can rely on, you can rest assured that your results will hold up in court. We carefully track and store samples to assure only the most accurate results and take steps to prevent vial mix ups, fermentation of blood in the vial, and coagulation.

How It’s Performed

When our staff arrives for sample retrieval, test subjects are seated as the technician wraps an elastic band around their upper arm to cause the veins to expand. After being cleaned with povidone-iodine or antiseptic soap, a needle is inserted into the vein. An attached tube will draw in and store the sample for testing.

Our professional staff has the experience necessary for consistently-reliable retrieval and testing of blood alcohol. Call today to see how we can provide the most important answers.