Random Drug Testing Programs

Random drug testing is most often used when a workplace or school has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and wants to ensure its people are drug-free. While privacy is important, when it comes to abiding by drug-free policies, accountability measures must be put into place.

During random drug testing, those who get tested are truly chosen at random (Test Smartly Labs can help choose who gets tested.) Those who get tested do not have any advance notice, therefore there’s fewer changes to tamper with or cheat the test.

Random drug testing can also be performed within the family setting.

Whether it’s a court case involving custody or marital arrangements, or a situation where someone who struggles with using drugs or abusing alcohol willingly submits to a random test – the idea is the same:

At any point, on demand, a random drug test can be requested and performed. Test Smartly Labs can help.

Random Drug Testing Teens

Some may feel it’s cruel to put teens through random drug testing; however, it can be one great way to keep teens off drugs. As we’ve worked with clients on setting up random drug testing for students, we’ve seen the following benefits:

  • Teens who know they may be randomly drug tested stand up to peer pressure more easily and say “NO” to drugs.
  • Teens see the no-drug policies and zero tolerance will be enforced
  • Drug offenders are caught and disciplined

DOT Random Drug Testing

For several employees in transportation jobs that fall under DOT regulation, random drug testing is a must. This includes employees in a workplace pool that requires randomized drug testing. DOT requires many of its workers in safety-sensitive positions to be randomly tested throughout the year.

Workplace Random Testing

Randomly testing employees for drug or alcohol use is a critical component of any Drug-Free Workplace. If you’re committed to this, random testing should be part of your program.
This means you don’t just est employees before you offer them a job, but you routinely check to ensure they’re remaining drug-free even after they start working for you.