Cancer Detection

According to the American Cancer Society, one in two males and one in three females carry a lifetime risk of developing any form of cancer.

Nearly all of us know someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, many of us also know a survivor.

Cancer is not a one-size-fits-all disease, and there’s not a standard “cancer test” you can run. However, staying on top of your blood work is important. It can indicate many health concerns – including cancer. Some cancers are preventable, and many are curable when caught early. Cancers can also be asymptomatic – at least at first.

Your blood work or urine analysis can provide an early indicator something is wrong and provide the key to determine further testing to catch the problem as soon as possible.

Standard Lab Panels

Your annual physical will probably include a recommendation from your doctor to run your bloodwork or screen your urine.

It’s important to follow through so you establish a baseline report to refer to year after year – if something is not normal, it may give clues into your overall health.

Some of the standard panels you may be requested to have performed include

Based on the results of your tests, additional panels may be requested by your doctor.

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