Human Growth Hormone Testing

What helps you mature in height and strength from ages five to 15? The answer is a hormone in our bodies called human growth hormone (HGH).

Long after growth spurts are over, growth hormones keep us healthy and ensure our organs and bodies are working right. Proper amounts of growth hormone in adults can have big payoffs, especially at the gym or on the field.

Growth hormone allows us to build muscle, burn fat, and maintain stamina during workouts.

Benefits of human growth hormone testing

If your child’s physical development is stunted in comparison to their peers, it’s never a bad idea to discuss testing their growth hormone levels with your doctor.

Growth hormone production naturally slows down as we get older, and this results in aging and other side effects.

Before you undergo hormone therapy, take growth hormone testing into consideration. Your levels may be normal for your age, or they could indicate further tests are needed.

Test Smartly Labs is here to draw blood samples for your growth hormone test and provide you and your doctor with an accurate pathology report to review and discuss together.

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