Arsenic Exposure Testing

Arsenic is a naturally-occurring element that comes in organic, inorganic, and gas forms. Typical exposure to arsenic occurs through food and water consumption, although some may be exposed by inhaling it or touching it.

Arsenic can be found in seafood and drinking water, and most fish and water sources contain small traces at safe levels. Even so, it’s not uncommon for levels to exceed what’s safe for humans.

For example, a publication by the the National Research Council on Arsenic in Drinking Water found:

“Most major US drinking water supplies contain levels lower than 5 μg/L. It has been estimated that about 350,000 thousand people might drink water containing more than 50 μg/L.”

Test Smartly Labs offers Arsenic Exposure Testing to ensure you’ve not been exposed to excess amounts of this heavy metal. To get started, give us a call.