Alcohol Testing for DOT

DOT alcohol testing requires strict adherence to a variety of processes and protocols just like DOT drug testing.

DOT-approved alcohol tests require screening test technicians (STTs) and breath alcohol technicians (BATs) to maintain various requirements and qualifications in order to perform testing.

Unless these collectors are the only certified STTs and BATs available, they should not take the collection from the employee if they are supervisors.

Training is available for STTs (can only do alcohol screening tests) and BATs (can collect for alcohol screening and confirmation tests).

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DOT alcohol testing: the details

When it comes to the how and when alcohol testing is performed, each agency under the DOT differs.

Safety-sensitive functions generally prohibits you from duty if you have a 0.04 or higher alcohol concentration. Immediate removal results.

Agencies like FMCSA or FAA warrant immediate removal for at least 24 hours from safety-sensitive positions with a concentration of 0.02 to 0.039.

Acceptable time frames of alcohol influence usually ranges from 4 to 8 hours. Details vary according to agency and job function.

Alcohol use is always restricted when someone is about to go on duty, is actively on duty, or is involved in an accident.

Aside from those transporting an alcoholic beverage, you must not be in possession of and/or consume any alcohol.

When employing the use of a pre-employment alcohol test, all employees must be tested. Picking out certain employees is not acceptable and goes against agency regulations.

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