Pre-employment Screening

According to the Department of Labor:

“Results from a U.S. Postal Service study indicate that employees who tested positive on their pre-employment drug test were 77% more likely to be discharged within the first three years of employment, and were absent from work 66% more often than those who tested negative.”

Pre-employment screening can include drug or alcohol testing both of which can help you put your best foot forward when it comes to hiring quality employees and building a strong workforce.

The active enforcement of a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol sets an expectation amongst your employees of the type of workplace you intend to maintain.

Testing also helps you weed out employees who would be disastrous hires. If an employee is unable to produce a negative drug test, you’re at risk of higher absenteeism, increased medical claims, higher risk of theft and less productivity and revenue. Statistics also show drug-free workers stick around longer, boosting your return rates and maximizing the return on the time invested in training.

Drug users often avoid applying for jobs in workplaces with strict drug testing policies, including pre-employment screens. To protect your business and save time for your HR team, give us a call to develop the Pre-Employment Screening tailored to your needs.